Veronika Zaytseva

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“Yield yourself to the greatness within.” – VZ

Hi, I’m Veronika! And, I am here to guide and help you overcome your uncertainties to get the career, business and the quality of life you truly desire. Because, let’s be honest facing UNCERTAINTY is scary but can be fun! I’ll show you a different perspective on things.

My Story

Hey There!
I’m Veronika. And, yes it is not a misspelling, as I indeed have a “K” in my name and not “C.” Ho, ho!

Just a simple girl with many passions and adventure at heart, I was growing up on the outskirts of Russia when I have decided to partake from my family and seek for my personal calling elsewhere.

Insatiably curious edutainer, writer, personal development hound, and creative soul. I’ve come to realize that there is more to my vision of success. It is about sharing while purposefully helping and supporting ambitious, courageous souls like you during the moments of change and uncertainty. Moments, that make you feel so stiff as if they don’t let you move further.

My Values & Beliefs

I pursue the Humbleness of a Bee

Inspire that child-like spirit inside of you at all times, never letting you to completely grow up. Especially when you are moving from one goal to another. Appreciating smaller things along the way. Enjoy your daily buzz.

I cultivate the Patience of Elephant Size

Our society’s attention span is so short that you want everything done yesterday. However, success can take different forms and longer times. Cherish it. Savor it. Reap your result.

I choose to take Proactive Action

We all hide behind the comfort of things and shoulds that you get to complete. Proactive Action is taking full responsibility over the reactional response you’d choose towards the particular situation or problem you face.

My Approach

What you will get from working with me –

  • Authenticity: I’m fully committed and present there for you.  My sessions are fun, goal-specific and based on mutual respect.
  • Personalized approach: I am your mentee and vice versa. I listen and ask uncomfortable questions, challenge your vision and help you change your perspectives on things.
  • Honesty and ideation: I kindly ask for you to be open to different ideas as you hire me to help you grow. And, it is my duty to make your eyes glow!
  • Flexibility: I make sure I am available to my clients globally during weekdays and weekends via video, phone and or chat.

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